Title Value
1. Apple puree 250 Column
2. Sugar for mashed potatoes 250 Column
3. Sugar for syrup 475 Column
4. Chicken Egg Protein 1 PC.
5. Agar agar 8 Column
6. Water 160 Column
7. Vanilla sugar 1 pack
8. Powdered sugar for sprinkling

1. Stage

Add the sugar and vanilla sugar to the applesauce. Let stand for a while, if you use the mashed potatoes purchased then take less sugar (150 gr.) Since it is sold with added sugar.

2. Stage

Soak the agar first in water, then put on fire and bring it to a boil, add sugar (475 g.) And mix well, cook the syrup over low heat until the thread reaches for the scapula while raising. Let the syrup cool.

3. Stage

Add protein to the applesauce and beat well with a mixer.

4. Stage

Pour in the syrup and beat again. The mass should become white and magnificent.

5. Stage

Quickly transfer the finished mass into a pastry bag and make medium-sized marshmallows on the surface of the parchment. Leave to solidify at room temperature for a day.

6. Stage

Sprinkle the finished marshmallows with powdered sugar, and you can also pour over melted chocolate.

7. Stage

Bon Appetit!!!

8. Stage

Apple marshmallows taste very similar to the purchased, but at the same time it is more delicate and airy. During cooking, do not replace the agar-agar with gelatin, just pour the syrup in a thin stream and you should not scrape the syrup from the walls of the pan, otherwise lumps are formed in marshmallows. This dessert is perfect for children, it consists of natural products, but it is worth remembering that a lot of sugar is included in the composition.