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1. Kefir 500 Ml
2. Chicken egg 1 PC.
3. Sugar 1.5 tbsp
4. Soda 0.5 Tsp
5. Flour 350 gram
6. Vegetable oil for frying


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Simmer on both sides until golden brown.

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Airy pancakes on kefir are really very airy, as well as tasty and delicate. To prepare this dish you need a little patience and accuracy, with the dough you need to be gentle and patient so that the pancakes turn out really the way you expect them to be. Fritters are great for breakfast with sweet additives for the whole family, it will be very tasty with cocoa in milk or with tea.

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Bon Appetit!!!

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Serve fritters with jam, jam or honey.

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Beat the egg, add kefir at room temperature, sugar, salt and mix well.

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The dough rises a little, it no longer needs to be mixed. Heat the pan well with vegetable oil. Gently separate the dough with a tablespoon, starting to collect the dough at the very wall of the bowl, the dough itself should not be shaken or torn so that airiness is not lost. Do not type too much dough as it will still increase in size when frying.

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Then add sifted flour with soda. The dough will turn out pretty thick, but that's fine. Leave in a warm place for 15 minutes.

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